Monday, May 2, 2016

Mojo Monday 446

Have you ever made one of those purchases that you knew was a poor choice right from the start but continue to have hope that it is going to be just right the next time you use it?  I did - years ago - with a 150 sheet box of 8 1/2 x 11 photo paper.  The instructions tell you to "print on the glossy side" - both  sides look exactly the same to me and I almost always choose the incorrect side - each and every time I print. So I decided that I am done with the foolish stuff once and for all!  But what to do with a nearly full box of paper? (It is paper after all and it would be a sacrilege to throw it away!)  So I thought I'd try some different techniques on the paper to see what would happen.  After all, it is glossy paper, so there were some properties of the paper that I did expect.  Pigment ink wouldn't stay on and water beaded off.  Not a surprise.  I rubbed Distress Ink directly on the paper and that dried quickly and created a really cool colored glossy paper.  A little buffing with a tissue seemed to make it permanent.  On my work surface I had a bottle of water that had a bit of Pearl Ex powder in it from a previous project. I knew it would run off but I wondered what would happen if I sprayed the paper with the solution, added a few drops of dye ink and then dried with the heat gun.  The result - the orange and yellow background of this card - which I just love!  When I get the energy (I got up and went to the gym this morning at 5:30 for the first time in months - my behind is a dragging!) I'll experiment a bit more.  Happy Monday everyone! 


  1. How beautiful! Love the gold dragonflies and beautiful background. Thanks for playing along with Mojo Monday!