Monday, March 7, 2016

Mojo Monday 438

So after dinner this evening my husband asked if I was planning on doing my Mojo Monday.  I was extremely impressed that he remembered how much I have enjoyed the past month or so working on my submission after dinner on Monday evenings.  Huge points for the hubby.  Now I hear a basketball game on TV.  Hmmmmm wonder if he had the game in mind all along....

This past weekend I tried the technique that created the yellow background paper for this card. I decided to attempt the technique even though my pal Vrege hasn't shown us the demo yet at our monthly card club.  The process started with rubbing a Distress Ink Pad across white card stock (in this case the ink was Scattered Straw). Next I filled a small squirt bottle with water and added a bit of Perfect Pearl powder shaking until the powder was dissolved. I placed a stencil over top the inked paper, saturated the paper with the water, blotted with a paper towel and then removed the stencil.  I then dried with the heat gun. The entire process took just about a minute or so.  Pretty happy with the result.

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